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Frequently Asked Questions

Cash.Baby is a social promo site designed to help creators to quickly grow their fanbase & to help fans easily discover new creators. By promoting your links via your Cash.Baby page you can earn credits which in turn can be used to boost your profile & gain maximum exposure, helping you to grow your fanbase faster than ever before. Fans can also gift credits to help you to promote & you can use the Leaderboard to discover the top-gifting fans.

To get the maximum benefit & gain the most exposure, you should add your Cash.Baby link to your bio on socials & try to be as active as possible. The more active you are & the more referrals you get, the more exposure your page will receive & the faster your fanbase will grow.
To become a Featured VIP simply click "My Account" -> "Get Featured". Your profile will be displayed in all of the Featured VIP for a full 7 days immediately after activation & during that period of time your profile will get maximum exposure for more views, more followers & more gifts.
If somebody has the "Gifter" badge next to their profile photo it means that they've sent a gift to another user in the past 30 days.
If a member starts a conversation with you they will not be able to send media (images/videos) until you allow them to do so. To allow/disallow their media sending abilities simply hit the "controls" button underneath the conversation.
To add Instagram posts or YouTube videos to your profile, simply hit "Share" next to your post, copy the sharing URL & add it as a link via your links page. The post or video will automatically display, providing your profile or video is public & not set to private.
Navigate to "My Account" -> "Edit Details" & hit the "change" button next to your username. Please be aware that you can only change your username once & that the "change" button will not show if you've already made a change.
Yes, you can block a user from contacting you by hitting the "block user" button beneath the conversation. They will still be able to see your profile but they will not be able to send you any additional messages.
To unblock a user simply hit the "unblock user" link underneath the conversation or if you've deleted the conversation, hit the "Blocked Users" link above your inbox.
If you're sending credits back to a user that sent you them, you won't earn leaderboard points. Points are earned for new or additional gifts only.
To delete your account simply visit "My Account" & select the "Delete My Account" option.